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Sylvia making beads My name is Sylvia Holtman.

I've been designing jewelry for over 15 years and making beads for over 12 years.  This picture was taken in about 2005 and we are at show where I was demonstrating how to make lampwork glass beads for the folks.  FUN.  :-)

My favorite is wire wrap jewelry, although I'm enjoying traditional setting as we as doing restringing for people. If you have a favorite piece of fashion jewelry bring it by and see if it can be restrung. Sometimes the sentimental value is pretty important and usually a jeweler won't even consider that. I will check it out for you if you wish.

I also enjoy the style some call "sculpted" wire jewelry. This jewelry is fashioned by using Sterling Silver wire, or 14K Gold wire (or you can use 14K Gold, but it is very expensive compared to the Gold Filled). The 14K Gold Fill wire is NOT a plated wire--it is also called Rolled Gold. It will not rub off or wear off with normal use and care. It produces a nice quality piece of jewelry for a reasonable price--something most of us can identify with.  It is a material that contains over 100x the amount of Gold that plated wire has and is over twice the cost of Sterling Silver in its raw materials form.  

I also use genuine and Lab grown stones and many styles of Cameos.

 The Handmade lampwork glass bead part of my jewelry creations was begun about 12 years ago.

I went to a show in Seattle, Washington and watched a guy make a Panda bear bead and immediately said "I want to do this !"

So I bought a book and learned from that.   Back then there was no one to ask and you just had to learn by "just doing it".  It was a little scary to use a torch at first especially with no one to talk to about how to do it.

 But now, as you can see from the picture above it is quite an enjoyable experience.

 Since then, I have taught local classes in both the wire jewelry and the glass beadmaking. Currently I am learning to blow glass and plan to become more adept at small blown vases and such. I was fortunate to take some classes with Loren Stump who is well known for his expertise in glass. That was a wonderful experience and I learned many things.

My family and I live in Central Washington state in the country and we enjoy our horses and country life. My shop is open here locally to drop in and see what is being made or to just browse around. Please call me before you come so I can be sure to be here.

 Classe are avaliable if you are close to my area.

Just give me a call or send me an email. I'd love to hear from you even if you just want to stop by. :-))

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